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Connecting People . Supporting Progress


Xylem Resourcing is a specialist delivery partner to the Health & Care sector. Drawing on over 10 years experience of working with a wide range of organisations and associates, we help our clients to connect with the right people quickly and effectively in order to support continuous improvement, growth and development.

"The people Jamie has introduced have been very effective in delivering what we required. He is highly personable, engaging and concerned to produce a good outcome"

Chris Born, Senior Healthcare Specialist

"Jamie is extremely professional and a very good communicator. I would recommend Jamie to anyone working within the Healthcare sector"

Lynn Betts, Risk & Governance Consultant

Born out of a desire to do things differently, we strive to leave behind a positive legacy of change within our clients’ organisations and the sectors they support. With roots in advertising & marketing, recruitment and the consultancy sector, Xylem’s strength comes from combining best practice from all of these industries in order to achieve the desired solution for our clients in the most effective and economical way possible.


Our unique, integrated offering combined with expert sector knowledge, a successful track record of delivery across the full spectrum of Health & Care and an extensive network of proven associates, makes it easy for our clients to outsource a wide range of resourcing needs to Xylem. 


Regardless of your size, budget and agenda we will help identify and deploy the very best talent within your business under a model that is right for you, relying on award-winning experience and an established associate network.

We work in a saturated industry, one filled with a multitude of recruitment companies and consultancies with varying standards of practice, all trying to stand out from the crowd. But how many are actually delivering what is expected of them? How many are adding value and genuinely care about the outcome? 


The customer is at the heart of everything we do at Xylem. Our success isn’t measured by the profit we make, but by the partnerships we develop and the reputation we build. 

"his expert knowledge of the sector, professionalism, wide ranging networks and balanced approach to client engagement, is what sets Jamie and Xylem apart from the other companies"

Colin Scales, Chief Executive

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