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XYLEM is founded on a decade long partnership with the Health and Care sector. We provide a range of specialist resourcing and consulting services including:  

    At the core of successful improvement programmes are the people. If the right people aren’t in place from the beginning and engaged at the right stage, then the programme can quickly unravel, and months of planning can come to an abrupt end. We take the time to understand not just the technical capabilities needed to successfully deliver your project or programme, but the cultural and political context, ensuring that the people identified will quickly be able to break down barriers, embed themselves into the organisation and start delivering the required objectives. Some of Xylem’s recent engagements: Programme Director to lead and support a highly complex and system-wide children’s transformation programme that brings together a range of Health & Social Care services. Project Management support for a CCG to review and provide a gap analysis across MSK services as well as lead on the 'ESCAPE-pain' agenda. Programme Lead and Improvement Project Manager to lead on Urgent & Emergency Care transformation for a struggling multi-site NHS Trust. Programme Manager to lead on the transformation of Outpatients underpinned by centralisation of services, community redesign and digital adoption.
    Having the right leader in your business has never been so important. Regardless of the sector, the common narrative is built on increasing scrutiny on finances, fierce competition and a rising demand on services. Attracting and more importantly, retaining, a stable workforce is vital in the current climate, and choosing the right leadership is probably one of the most critical decisions any organisation can make. However, choosing the right leader can often take time. To support this, utilising an interim manager can provide organisations with a high level of flexibility due to their immediate availability and specialist expertise, often gained from working with a wide range of organisations in that specific sector. Drawing on 10 years experience of providing interim management services to the Health & Care sector, we believe there is significant value in engaging an interim manager if done at the right time and utilised effectively. Some of Xylem’s executive leadership and interim management appointments include: Executive Chief Nurse - 6 months, NHS community provider (interim - perm) Interim Chief Operating Officer, 6 months, NHS Acute provider Interim Director of HR and Corporate Services - 3 months, NHS Community provider Interim Divisional Director of Operations - NHS provider Interim General Manager for Medicine & Emergency Care, NHS Acute
    If deployed and utilised correctly, the advice and objective opinion offered by an external consulting partner can prove invaluable to the success of any major initiative. At Xylem we recognise that each client has different needs and expectations therefore the solution has to be matched accordingly. To support this we partner with a range of delivery specialists that specialise in their chosen field in order to tailor the right solution for our client’s. Whether you just need a few days expert advice or require a whole team-deployment to run a large and complex programme, Xylem can help you partner with the right specialists under a flexible arrangement that suits you. There will be no hidden fees with honest and open dialogue from the start to ensure you get the most value out of us and the support that you engage. Some of Xylem’s recent commissions include: Review and implementation of CQC action plan for NHS Community Services in preparation for upcoming inspection Review of Medicines Management across Care Home sector to support QIPP objectives for CCG Review and optimisation of Medical Staffing service for NHS provider Turnaround of operational acute services focused on performance improvement across actviity ad financial recovery.
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